One thought on “Photographs of past events needing names

  1. Janet A

    Unknown event – about 1971.
    27. Nora Lyne ( married to Ernest 8, mother of Douglas).
    8. Ernest Lyne
    25. Kath Coombes.
    17. Sally Lyne ( grand daughter of 27&8).
    21. Reginald Kerwin
    13. Shirley Warren
    7. Hettie Cameron
    23. Chris Hobbs??

    The event was organised by Ethel Fowler and Shirley Warren for ‘the old folk ‘ of the village as an alternative to the Christmas parties which were for the children of the village. This later morphed into the Monmouth Club -a club for the over 60’s .
    This info came from Ethel Fowler.


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