Village Event – About 1971

Image of Unknown Event in about 1971
Unknown Event in about 1971

The event was organised by Ethel Fowler and Shirley Warren for ‘the old folk ‘ of the village as an alternative to the Christmas parties which were for the children of the village. This later morphed into the Monmouth Club – a club for the over 60’s.
This info came from Ethel Fowler [As advised by Janet Albano].

Please leave a comment below if you can add/correct a name or tell us any more about the day in question. Even guesses may trigger someone’s memory.

11121Reginald Kerwin
2Mrs Darch (sister of 6 - lived at Bundles)12Mrs Vera Edwards (Millands Farm)22George Long (Stella Pomeroy's father)
313Shirley Warren23Chris Hobb??
414Ethel Fowler24Mrs Lily Trott (Ruby Smith's mother)
515Stella Urquhart25Marg Selway (Spillers Farm)
6Mrs Zeally16Anna Wohlieb26
7Hettie Cameron17Sally Lyne (grand daughter of 27 & 8)27Mrs Nora Lyne (married to Ernest, mother of Douglas)
8Ernest Lyne18Ivy Kerwin?28
9Robert Edwards (Millands Farm) - known as Pop Edwards19Christine Rice
10Joan Perryman20Dawn Fowler

Picture courtesy of Janet Albano

3 thoughts on “Village Event – About 1971

  1. Jaffacat

    10, Joan Perryman
    14, Ethel Fowler
    15, Stella Urqhart
    17, Sally Lyne
    18, Ivy Kerwin( I think)
    19, Christine Rice
    20, Dawn Fowler
    27, Mrs Lyne ( not sure of her 1st name but Ernest Lyne’s Mum)

  2. Janet A

    Update .
    12. Mrs. Vera Edwards (millands farm)
    9. Robert Edward’s ( millands Farm) ?? Known as pop Edward’s.
    16. Anna Wohileb ( not Flossie Claypole).
    24. Mrs Lily Trott ( Ruby Smiths mother).
    25. Marg Selway ( Spillers Farm).
    6. Mrs Zeally
    2. Mrs Darcy ( sister of 6- lived at Bundles).


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