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Perhaps these are the ‘real’ people of Musbury. The families who lived, toiled and played in the village from its earliest days. It is not possible to feature all families or individuals who lived here, but as research and stories develop this is where they will appear.

This is an area where we would very much like your help. Pictures and personal recollections add so much to Musbury’s history. Please do contact us if you can help us in any way. All contributions are welcome. Any pictures will be scanned and returned promptly in the condition we received them. Thank you!

7 thoughts on “Family Histories, Images & Stories

  1. angels67

    Hello all, I am new to this site but wanted to let you know that my Grampy and his parents lived in FAIRY LANE MUSBURY, their name was GAY – George and Mary Gay with their children – In 1891 they lived at no 94 Fairy Lane with their children Kate, Fred, Albert and Samuel. In 1901 they lived at No 13 Fairy Lane with the children.

    1. Martin Post author

      I’m sorry for the delay in responding to your comment, but it was not notified to Admin (i.e. Me!).
      Fairy Lane was actually a road off Musbury Road in Axminster. Axminster is about 3 miles north of Musbury and naturally Musbury Road is the road leading south to our village. Nevertheless there have been other members of the Gay family living in Musbury since the late 19th century and they still own and run one of the village’s major farms, Drakes Farm. Sadly Edward (Eddie) Gay the father died just recently, but he was a good age.
      If you require more help regarding your grandfather and family, you may find this on
      Kind regards, Martin

  2. connief7648

    Found a very old (1634) stating Musbury as being Baptism location for my Spiller family member. I knew of Yarcombe in Devon, however, Musbury is new to me. I’m excited to learn anything new. Connie in USA

    1. Martin Post author

      Hi Connie – It’s good to hear from you.
      I can’t help you specifically, but I can confirm that there have been Spillers in Musbury. Most of our current knowledge is based on the 18th century forwards, though we are slowly working our way backwards. It is hard work even with a village with a population in the region of just 500 people! The Parish Registers are being transcribed slowly, but we currently don’t have those from 1622 to 1653. These are available in the Devon Heritage Centre (, our county’s central archives.
      Please refer to our website to learn more about Musbury. We do have a Spiller’s Farm in the village that could have something to do with your relatives. It is only a smallholding, which was probably run by or maybe originated by someone name Spiller.
      That’s as much as I can tell you at present. Please ask if you have any specific questions, as we have a lot more information than shown on the Musbury Heritage website.
      Good luck with your research!

  3. Jani

    Reading Kevin Ford’s account on the road, Mum, Mary would tell of a tramp who would come once a year, stop at Hillside and Gran would make him a cup of tea and give a slice of cake.
    Mary Day-Lewis was a dear friend of Gran’s and we often went to her cottage for a cup of tea.
    The Salters at Yew Tree had their farm in that yard. I would walk down Whitford Road past the Chapel with Mr Salter and ride back on one of the cows as I was only 6. They would go through the gate upto the milking shed. This would be early 1960s

    1. Martin Post author

      Hello Jan – I always love hearing your reminiscences and I keep them on file. Little facts often join up to become big ones! All the best, Martin

  4. mikeowl

    Hi – I have found a distant relative of mine on the 1939 Register :Constance Davy Wood, at Bowhays, Musbury, b.1915, with her parents Henry Ernest Wood and wife Eliza. She went on to marry Hugh Clench Mundy in 1945 (in Essex), who died at a place called Castlewood, Musbury in 1976. I believe Constance died in 2005. Any info great full received. Kind regards, Mike Wood


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