Although this website is still a work in progress, there is still a lot of pictures, articles, leaflets, loans of books, help with photography, etc. that should be acknowledged. This includes everyone who helped put the Musbury Village display together at Axminster Heritage Centre in July 2018.

Thank you so much to the following people who have contributed to what you see on this website, no matter if your contribution was large or small.

In no particular order: – Janet Albano, Paul Smith, Mary Oborn, Mike Lock, Jane Bishop, Rod Powell, Gerard Wood, Ann Veit, Sue Leach, Ken Goddard, Cherry Sergeant, Andrew Butcher, Brenda Wheatley, Graham Stark, Josh Dutfield, Lizzie & Terry O’Grady, Mollie Farrant, Julian Rinaldi, Nick Raison, Allen & Brenda Parkman, Dennis & Estella Pomeroy, Christine & Steve Pomeroy, Rob & Rosie Harris, Sean Day-Lewis. With apologies to those who may have been missed.

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