Village Xmas Party 1955 – Picture 1

Image of Village Christmas Party 1955 - Picture 1
Village Christmas Party 1955 – Picture 1

This Christmas celebration was held in Drake’s Hall in 1955. We know very little about it. Please leave a comment below if you can correct a name or add a story / memory about the people shown or the day in question. Any little detail will help, as combined with other people’s knowledge it may complete the story.

1Doug Knight19Grace James?3755Peter Perryman
2Dave Sweetland203856
3Bedford James213957
4224058Margaret Craig?
5Ron Crispin23Audrey Pike41Rosemary Waddon (nee Larcombe)59Maurice Harvey? (Sellars Wood)
624Cecil Mitchell42Christine Pearce (nee Holland)60
7Dulcie Sweetland2543Maureen Woodward (nee Sweetland)61
8Sarah Hawker26Doris Stockman (Theresa's Mum)44Ann Madge62Gillian Salter
927Joan Perryman4563Mickey Albano
1028Marjorie Craig4664Malcom McDonald?
11Ena Holland29Kay Cousins (Theresa's Aunty)4765Paul Cousin (Theresa's cousin)
12304866John Albano
13Nancy Larcombe?314967Robert Cousins (Theresa's cousin)
143250Sandra Stockman (Theresa's sister)68
15Related to Brenda? , ? Wakely ? (Ashe Cottages)33Dorothy Quick51Carol Seaman?69? Cameron
1634Mavis Welch5270Patrick Pike
17Brenda Parkman (Nee Knight)35Sylvia Mitchell5371Brian Craig
183654Susan Mitchell?72Bernard Pike

Picture courtesy of Theresa Stockman

2 thoughts on “Village Xmas Party 1955 – Picture 1

  1. JanetA

    66. John Albano.
    69. ? Cameron.
    64. Malcom McDonald?
    11. Ena Holland
    8. Sarah Hawker
    44. Ann Madge
    19. Grace James?
    33. Dorothy Quick.
    35 . Sylvia Mitchell
    34. Mavis Welch
    62. Gillian Salter
    5. Ron Crispin
    17 Brenda Parkman nee Knight
    15. Related to Brenda ? , oil? Wakely ( Ashe cottages)
    59. Maurice Harvey? (Sellers Wood).
    51. Carol Seaman ?
    54. Susan Mitchell ?
    55. Is Peter P

  2. JanetA

    1.Doug Knight
    2. Dave Sweetland
    3. Bedford James
    Re above post, 15. Related to Brenda?, ? Wakley ? (Ashe Cottages)


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