Rectors of Musbury

Many of the early rectors were sponsored by the De Courtenay family, many of them as Earl of Devon. There seems to be some contradiction between the sources, as to which family members were Earls and when. Some research is required.

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    1. Martin Post author

      Hello – Do I call you Charles or Chuck?
      Great to have a Drake looking at this new website. Do you live in the US?
      Thank you for your comment. Some of those questions confuse the issue somewhat. The ‘almost’ complete list of rectors can be found at
      The question about rectors was more about whether the patrons were correctly listed or titled. The booklet you refer to was written by the rector, H.G.Cockerton and while he was a very useful historian, some of his facts seem questionable. I hope I am not doing him an injustice!
      Any more comments will be very welcome, but this is a very early stage and this website has not yet be presented to the interested parties in Musbury.
      All the best, Martin

  1. Jani

    My earliest memory would be the Eason Brown’s as they were good friends of Gran and Grandad. Grandad Will was choir master and Gran Elsie would play the organ. Their grave is just to the right of the main bell tower door.


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